This lightly exfoliating sugar wash will change your daily routine! Made with shea, glycerin, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, organic sugar, a coco glucoside soap blend and essential oils, not only does it clean you up, it removes dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and youthful.


We recommended working into a rich lather and leaving before rinsing.


Scents include:


Maple Sunday: made with real grade A Maine Maple syrup and brown sugar.


Sun Junkie: a beachy treat that will give you that always on vacation vibe.


Hibiscus: a tropical explosion featuring hints of mango and coconut.


Snow Daze: This peppermint, lightly exfoliating sugar wash will have you looking forward to your morning shower just like you did to a good snow day! It may even give you a fresh tingly sensation!


16 ounces

Sugar Wash