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We are a community for the wild child who lives inside all of us.
We have an unwavering commitment to inclusion by intention
We stand for freeing ourselves from the barriers preventing us from living our best life
We give back and spread the culture of kindness, confidence, and forward thinking.
We are a promoting partner

Our goal? To maximize opportunities for fun! We love concerts, camping, off-roading, wine tasting, bar hopping, and unique seasonal events that appeal to our various interests. And if there isn’t a social event that speaks to our collective souls, then we create one.


What unites us? Simply our love for life. So, what are you waiting for? Stop living vicariously through your friends’ social media posts and start creating the life others will want to follow.

No need to go it alone! In support of you living your best life, we encourage members to share events and ideas. We are pleased to post events to promote attendance. Although we cannot attend every event, our community offers a venue for others to connect prior to going. At select events, we will provide a base camp and encourage you to join us in festivities, fun and friendship. 

If we dream it, we can be it! As a member of our community, you will have friends wherever you hope to go, and we will take care of your experience every step of the way.

If you do not own your own camping supplies, no worries! With advance notice, you are welcome to take advantaged of our equipment at events where our base camp is present.

5% of all of our product sales will be contributed too local non-profits. 

With an extensive history in public speaking, and coaching, we are passionate about spreading the mission of the greater good. Not only for yourself but the whole world around you! We are committed to hosting talks and workshops around bullying, overcoming adversity, creating a culture of kindness, self confidence, and financial education.


We look forward to working with other organizations, companies, and social groups to promote events, useful products and beneficial services. 

Autumn Celeste Edwards

Chief Inspiration Officer


Rachel Longman

Ambassador of Buzz